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adjective as in pertaining to planets

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If your main concern is planetary health, plant-based foods are the better choice.

Certain destinations like the moon and Mars have always been at the forefront of planetary scientists’ minds, especially as we’ve learned more about the history of water on both bodies.

Careful crater counting suggests it could be as old as 1 million years, or as youthful as 53,000 years — yesterday, in planetary terms.

Two hundred light years away sits a planetary system unlike any other yet discovered.

The drive for infinite economic growth is leading to a planetary ecological crisis.

Some of those plans for planetary defense sound like they were ripped right out of a Michael Bay movie.

The leading neocons competed with each other to come up with the most grandiose vision of Middle East and planetary restructuring.

Higher incomes lead to greater demand on planetary resources and more interdependence.

“The Martian Chroniclers”Burkhard Bilger, The New Yorker A new era in planetary exploration.

The Daily Pic: Michael Benson's planetary art hovers between sci-fi and astronomy.

Being only halfway in control of his own planetary system was no state to be found in by the first interstellar visitors.

Still, it will be healthier if we push out of this planetary system before someone else pushes in.

In the stages of concentration the planetary nebulæ might well repeat those through which the greater solar mass proceeded.

In an orbit made elliptical by the planetary attraction the sun necessarily occupies one of the foci of the ellipse.

The conditions under which this vivifying tide is received have their origin in the planetary motion.


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