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"Men say it is not so grand as the statue of Zeus, that we have at Olympia," replied the boy.

And jest when I was lookin' forward to luxury and palaces in England, and everything so grand!

The French were the grand improvers of every thing, though only for their own objects.

But light and motion and a grand future are waiting for such as he.

I am one of those who have been into the house, and have found my father—oh, so grand!

Yet, as she stooped, she made her final, grand sacrifice—Mart should go!

Grand and beautiful as she is to others, to him she is still his little Nelly.

The scenery before the gorge of the river is reached is gloomy, but grand.

We stood off a piece, and sailed around it and over it, and it was just grand.

One would think he was the Emperor what's his name, or the Grand Turk.


late 14c., grant "large, big" (early 12c. in surnames), from Anglo-French graunt and directly from Old French grant, grand (10c.) "large, tall; grown-up; great, powerful, important; strict, severe; extensive; numerous," from Latin grandis "big, great; full, abundant," also "full-grown;" figuratively "strong, powerful, weighty, severe" (perhaps cognate with Greek brenthyomai "to swagger, be haughty"). It supplanted magnus in Romanic languages; in English with a special sense of "imposing." The connotations of "noble, sublime, lofty, dignified," etc., were in Latin. As a general term of admiration, "magnificent, splendid," from 1816. Related: Grander; grandest.

The use of grand- in compounds, with the sense of "a generation older than, or younger than," is first attested c.1200, in Anglo-French graund dame "grandmother." Latin and Greek had similar usages.

Grand jury is late 15c. Grand piano from 1797. The grand tour of the principal sites of continental Europe, as part of a gentleman's education, is attested by that name from 1660s. The Grand Canyon was so called 1871 by Maj. John Wesley Powell, scientific adventurer, who explored it; earlier it had been known as Big Canyon.


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.