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noun as in boiled meal

noun as in any soft mass

noun as in sentimentality

noun as in drivel

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Example Sentences

With the new disinfectant, the leftover plant mush may work as a fertilizer.

Instead, the water could come from pockets of watery mush in the moon’s icy shell, scientists report December 15 at the American Geophysical Union’s fall meeting.

Keep an eye on the weather no matter where you drive, and stay off backcountry roads right after a rain, when they turn into wheel-swallowing mush.

Depending on whom you ask, grits and polenta are either just the dishes made from cooking dried ground corn into a mush or also the ingredients themselves.

Usually, by the time the soupy oats have reached a smooth, thick consistency, I’ve decided what else will be added to the day’s layers of mush.

From Eater

The smell of grilled meat mixes with the exotic wafts of cinnamon tea served with a mush of sweet brown dessert.

First of all, no one says “mush” when they want the dogs to go.

Its topics are the predictable pop-culture bellwethers of the day, reheated into screechy mush.

He poured milk into the tea, and then poured the tea into the bowl on top of the cereal, turning it into a sweetened mush.

Surely this baby will eat the same fresh chicken and pea mush as his father, complete with a diamond-encrusted spoon.

Before sunrise I had a fire burning and the kettle of mush slung on a green sapling for further cooking.

Of course she had her own way, but I made her wait until we had cooked some corn to a mush and I had broiled the turkey.

Norah jumped up, and running home as fast as her young feet could carry her, took the dish of mush from her mother's hands.

But he never meddled at all; just slid the lid along as soft as mush, and screwed it down tight and fast.

To render the bread eatable they grated it, and made mush of it; but the crust they could not grate.


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