Definition for moon

noun as in earth' s satellite

verb as in dream about; desire

Strong matches

daydream, idle, languish, mope, pine, yearn

Weak match

waste time

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Example Sentences

Next year, NASA will decide whether to go forward with one or more of the teams in the hopes of returning humans to the moon by 2024 as part of the Artemis program.

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“It’s safer for Hubble to observe sunlight reflected off the moon” than to look directly at the backlit Earth, explains Allison Youngblood, an astronomer at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Laplace wondered to what degree the moon gravitationally squeezes the air surrounding our planet, and he set out to analyze the types of waves that might emerge as a consequence.

Meticulous instructions are submitted by astronomers ahead of time, and observations are loaded into a telescope “queue” that can take into account weather, moon phases and atmospheric conditions.

Researchers searching for life on other planets or moons are bound to face the same problem.

There is an expanded place-name index with more than 150,000 entries, and separate undersea, Moon, and Mars features.

What would it take to carry people to the Moon, or Mars, or an asteroid?

Many Sailor Moon story arcs, in the comics and on television, end with the Sailor Senshi dying and being reborn.

Sailor Moon Crystal is expected to wrap up its initial storylines by the end of the year.

Still, Sailor Moon fans are always ravenous for new content, especially after such a long time away.

The moon seemed to smile on him; the aurora appeared to dance with unwonted vigour, as if in glee; the very stars winked at him!

It had been many a moon since we took different roads, but MacRae hadn't changed that I could see.

The moon rose on a terrified mob trudging or riding the forty miles of road between Meerut and the Mogul capital.

He had thought what it would be like to be a rich man, and bring a certain girl here for a moon of honey and roses.

The storm, however, was over; the moon and stars were shining in a clear sky, and the aurora was dancing merrily.


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