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adjective as in unable to read well; lacking education

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Despite increasing literacy globally, over 770 million adults are still illiterate.

It’s even harder to find an authentic signature by Jackson, because the baseball legend grew up on a farm in South Carolina and was illiterate, meaning he didn’t sign many autographs.

The courts place the burden of proof on the people accused of being foreigners, many of whom are poor and illiterate, unable to navigate a convoluted system or afford legal representation.

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In his autobiography, Vartan recalled how his beloved illiterate grandmother used to tell him that character was everything, possessions ephemeral, reputation enduring.

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More than 90 percent of the formerly enslaved were illiterate, and education was seen as a source of power and independence, and as a tool for having control over their own lives.

For my technologically illiterate mother, the idea of paying bills online provokes as much anxiety as throwing something away.

Her mother was illiterate, but she secured a tutor for both her sons and her daughters, and Juana could read by the age of 3.

“At first I was happy to be learning to read,” explains the hapless adult illiterate Office Barbrady in an early episode.

An ICRW survey in Afghanistan in 2010 found that 71 percent of parents who married off their daughters were illiterate.

Libya was then the poorest country in the world and nearly illiterate.

The second step taken arose from the necessity of making this speech of the illiterate capable of elevated expression.

But at a period more piously illiterate, things of this shadowy nature were linked very closely to objects of a material kind.

Illiterate but romantic, she was swept off her feet at the first touch of passion, and the flattery of being recognized!

It accordingly searches out illiterate children of school age, or persons smitten with infectious disease.

The final d is also omitted by illiterate speakers; Usted is pronounced Uste, and even de becomes e. B and v are interchangeable.


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