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He’s made clear that isn’t the only consideration, but it’s notable he’s talking about it in those terms and agrees it’s fair game for him to keep an eye on who’s going to replace him.

If nations decide that satellites are fair game for military attacks, it will likely benefit whoever attacks first, even as it risks nuclear miscalculation below.

Customer reviews praise it for its fair games and instant deposits.

There’s no process that decides what AI-hiring tools are fair game… And anyone can bring any tool to market.

“Anything the president does that we believe to be illegal is fair game,” Miller told the Wall Street Journal.

Parodies, on the other hand, are fair game to be discussed and shared.

And as his stunned neighbors in Normandy might tell you, even allegedly nice guys are fair game.

As long as the reporter does not misrepresent himself and does not attempt to conceal a recording device, the event is fair game.

Wardrobe, mannerisms, and intonation are fair game, and Chu certainly has his detractors there.

“Any of her teen children with a license were fair game to recruit as well,” her son, Thomas, would say in his eulogy.

Radiation tabs protected the UN troops, but if a man lost his tab he was fair game for the claws, no matter what his uniform.

Yet the status of aunt is always fair game to the humourist; and especially so when she is the aunt of somebody else.

The crows regard them as fair game, hence their nest-building season is a time of sturm und drang.

This was fair game enough, though to-day it would probably have been passed over in silence.

Good-looking enough in a fashion, and plays a fair game, but a stiff, reserved kind of beggar.


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