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noun as in object of ridicule

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While the country’s overall Olympic team has been either an afterthought or a laughingstock for much of its history, it was also an untouchable standard-bearer of one of the Games’ most iconic sports.

He knows he’s likely to become the laughingstock of the sports world.

From Time

Unprepared, and a laughingstock because of his handicap, Yarvi is bullied on every front—even by his mother.

The Democrats, on the other hand, started out as a laughingstock.

Then, the self-proclaimed “hip-hop conservative” got busted buying cocaine and became a national laughingstock.

This past week, they did something even worse than harmful: They made real-world conservatives a national laughingstock.

When they were last in charge in 2008-2010, the legislature was a national laughingstock, even by New York standards.

An Indian whom Catlin painted with half his face in shadow became the laughingstock of the tribe, as "the man with half a face."

Our Cellerarius a cipher; the very Townsfolk know it: subsannatio et derisio sumus, we have become a laughingstock to mankind.

To me he is the man who made a laughingstock of me in a censorious little town by calling me "a woman of doubtful reputation."

If they try to dump me to-night I'm going to fool them and I'm going to fix it so that they'll be the laughingstock of the corps.

You're famous, besides, as the boldest plebe that ever came here; the yearlings are the laughingstock of the place because of you.


On this page you'll find 14 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to laughingstock, such as: object of ridicule, butt, dupe, joke, mockery, and sport.

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