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adjective as in poultry

noun as in dupe

noun as in gudgeon

noun as in lamb

noun as in patsy

noun as in pawn

noun as in sap

noun as in scapegoat

noun as in setup

noun as in squealer

noun as in stooge

noun as in target

noun as in victim

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Example Sentences

Two centuries ago, anyone who wrote an ill-advised post or sent a “bad tweet” would have had to out-gallop a Pony Express rider or figure out how to trap a very determined pigeon.

Use high-quality bird seed — not bread, even for ducks and pigeons — tailored to the species you want to tempt.

The passenger pigeon was once the most abundant bird in North America — maybe even on the planet.

Around the same time, Varahn noticed that the woman who fed the pigeons had also disappeared.

I like my pigeons and my fancy clothes, but other than that, I don’t want anything.

Instead she played herself out, pigeon-holing herself into the very kind of characters she criticized Apatow for writing.

Wood pigeon, pheasant, partridge, grouse, peacocks, hares, wild rabbits, and waterfowl are all dietary staples.

One of the first stories I ever did for The Times Magazine was about pigeon control “Pigeon Wars.”

For her inaugural menu, she planned crayfish with mayonnaise, pigeon with peas, and an apple brioche flambéed in rum.

Another notable region is nicknamed “Pigeon Valley” for the thousands of bird nesting holes dug into the pliable rock.

The "pigeon house" stood behind a locked gate, and a shallow parterre that had been somewhat neglected.

After she was far away she looked back and saw a pigeon resting on the shoulder of the statue.

Again he accompanied her back to her home; and it was after dusk when they reached the little "pigeon-house."

And Fleetfoot played with Pigeon, and he showed her how to lift hot stones without getting burned.

Pigeon screamed again, but a hearty laugh from Chew-chew showed there was nothing to fear.


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