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In turn, some bicyclists complain of “oblivious” pedestrians stepping out into their path or sauntering across bike lanes.

A whole universe of particles exists, and we are mostly oblivious, largely because these particles are invisible.

After a warm reception to those promos — particularly from the soccer community — the writing quartet of Sudeikis, Hunt, Joe Kelly and Bill Lawrence reimagined the brashly oblivious Lasso for a full series.

Maybe, like me, you’ve ended up in the sort of road-to-nowhere predicament that only a willfully oblivious reliance on Google Maps can achieve.

As the cicadas continue to walk and fly, apparently oblivious to the situation, the spores fall off and infect other insects — just what the fungus is trying to provoke.

Borges, at first, was oblivious to her absolute lack of intellectual acuity.

Panahi, however, refuses to be oblivious to what goes on in his country.

She is helplessly oblivious to what is going on between Iago and Othello.

Letterman, however, was oblivious to this—which certainly seems to hold up based on his frazzled reaction in this clip.

At one point, an oblivious girl asked whether the placard was a joke.

Our race does not possess successful men in such a number that we can be oblivious to apparent success as on a young man's part.

Then, apparently oblivious to the boy's existence, he applied himself again to the whistle.

Bending over him she gently raised his head and showered unrestrained  kisses upon his lips, oblivious of all save her lover.

There was no change in the outer performance of the hours, but Mata remained alert, disturbed, and the girl tranquilly oblivious.

In no case did they ignore her, but they were so cheerfully engaged in conversation that they were usually quite oblivious of her.


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