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adjective as in dark

adjective as in illusive

adjective as in untaught

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adjective as in unversed

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If your digital devices are pinging you nonstop with calendar reminders and your apps are rife with unread notifications, it’s important to know that you can take control of your daily schedule without adding to your screen time.

Notifications ping you at all hours of the day, stacks of unread messages build up until they aren’t worth the effort to catch up on, and important information gets lost in the stream.

Press and hold on a book cover to access Read now, View Details, Add to collection, Mark as unread, Mark as finished, and Remove options.

It’s nice when you find an interesting story online and save it for later—were it not for the fact that those unread articles have been accumulating in a seemingly endless row of tightly packed tabs.

Select or open any email in your browser, and you’ll see the Add to tasks icon at the top of the screen among the options that let you trash a message or mark it as unread.

Hitchcock sends the script--unread--to Thom Mount and his superior, Ned Tanen.

Maybe you're like I was: you know it's a classic, and yet there your copy sits, unread, gathering dust like Arrakis itself.

Emails sent to Assange are now returned unread because of a "technical failure" by his email server.

The Fleet Street tabloids, which do not go unread at the Palace, treated this White House gaffe as practically an act of war.

Well, if you write any more letters, we shall burn them unread, so it is no use to trouble us; and we will pay when we choose.

You mean to say you read that letter which he had kept unopened and unread for five long years?

He saw the flames lick up and curl possessively around the unread article.

Thinking it a matter of no importance, he thrust it into his pocket unread, and thus he and his men fell into Washington's hands.

Yes; in that moment of vexation, with that unread evening paper before him, he actually called it her baby.


On this page you'll find 294 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to unread, such as: benighted, uncultivated, unenlightened, and unlettered.

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