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The right mix of materials—greens like foodstuffs and browns like newspaper and leaves—guarantee a nearly odor-free process.

The exact nature of the crisis is not clear, but the armed forces are widely blamed for not distributing foodstuffs to a populace perpetually underfed if not starving.

Rozin attributes the delayed onset of disgust to the omnivore’s dilemma, the fact that we must balance our ability to consume a wide variety of foodstuffs with the potentially steep consequences of poisoning ourselves.

Senkut said that the company’s rollout would be similar to the ways in which Impossible Foods went to market, beginning with a few trial runs in higher-end restaurants and foodstuffs before trying to make a run at a mass consumer market.

From the 80s “fat is bad” paradigm to today’s “sugar is horrible” trend, it’s always been easy to vilify one food component, without digging into how each of us interact with the foodstuff we eat.

Lobsters as a foodstuff have gone in and out of vogue numerous times over the past four centuries.

As a child, cereal was more than mere packaged foodstuff; it was a passion.

The only animal foodstuff produced in a natural package, easily preserved and handled, is the egg.

Suppose they use this world to grow monstrous quantities of unattractive but useful foodstuff—in a way—wild?

With our sea scouts and air scouts spread in organised network around, not a shipload of foodstuff could reach the country.

But proteins are distinguished because they contain nitrogen in addition, which is found in no other foodstuff.

These were probably the first to demonstrate the non-absorbability of petroleum and its valuelessness as a foodstuff.


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