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adjective as in able to be eaten

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Paper menus were composted and fed to worms, which were dehydrated and fed to fish, whose ammonia-rich waste fertilized the lettuces, guava plants, curry leaves, and edible flowers used in the kitchen.

They deliver their goods to the root microbiome through pumping exudates—a homemade brew of carbohydrates, phytochemicals, and other edibles—into the soil.

Apeel takes that edible substance made of ubiquitous plant material and creates a solution in which the molecules are arranged more closely to those on a lemon after drying on a piece of produce.

From Fortune

I have never had strong opinions about cannabis—whether smoking or edible—and I’ve always had an adverse reaction to THC.

From Fortune

It’s not unlike the rise of cannabis edibles as an alternative to sharing joints or pipes.

From Quartz

The lobster is taken away and a steak, something he considers edible, is provided.

In fact, Fast Company predicts that edible insects are already a $20 million industry in the U.S.

Before Kaye, edible taxidermy had not yet been introduced to the mainstream on an educational level.

Coffee beans are available in jewelry, keychain, soap, body spray and, of course, edible and brewable form.

Poking through this crunchy-sweet vegetable mound is edible ecstasy.

Among many people in the East, no food is thought so great a dainty as these edible birds' nests.

It is about the size of a nut, with a brown verrucous outside; the edible part is white and tender, and the kernel black.

The recovery of the oyster, clam and other edible shell-fish is also a feature of the work which the Lake Company has in view.

Biscuits a little knocked about, but still edible; many thanks for them all.

After repeated efforts to dissect it we agreed with Tom, and found it not more edible than a pickled football.


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