[ noun al-uh-muhnt; verb al-uh-ment ]SEE DEFINITION OF aliments

Antonyms for aliments

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The section of the pneumo-gastric nerves does not stop the dilution of aliments in the stomach, or chylification.

Aliments rich in fat and sugar favor the production of butter, and augment the supply of milk.

Even the imperfect imitations are retained and digested when other aliments fail.

The aliments to which the cook's art gives a liquid or semi-liquid form, are in general more digestible.

She gets rid of most part of the Acids contained in the aliments, by thus uniting them with the Oils contained in those aliments.

Considered as medicines, these substances belong to the division of Aliments.

He would eat almost every thing that was offered, but preferred dry and ripe fruits to all other aliments.

The quantity and quality of the aliments are another cause, not less powerful in regard to beauty.

I do declare if your uncle Dan was done, Ailie could carry on the business, all except the aliments and sequestrations.

The greater diversity of aliments it afterwards receives, the more the chyle is liable to be soured.