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They are themselves impossible and wondrous, even if the people who deliver them to us are fallible and human and often fragile.

From Time

Kahneman and Tversky popularized the notion that decision makers rely on highly fallible mental shortcuts that can have dire consequences.

In D&D terms, they’re a high-level party, basically gods within the world of the story but still fallible.

From Vox

West’s book shows the problems with appointing fallible human beings to offer succor to parishioners even as they battle their own demons — in Samuel’s case, irrepressible rage and hubris.

We are fallible, and where we are in error, the only explanations for those beliefs will be debunking ones.

A wine consumption map of the U.S. is as fallible as that wine map of Europe.

And anyway, if Brecht did not want us to feel for Mother Courage, why did he make her so richly shaded and humanly fallible?

In fairness, like glossies anywhere, French tabloids are fallible, prone to playing up alleged trysts that fall flat.

They reveal an altogether vulnerable, fallible person with ambition, passion, and doubt.

The masters of war, it turns out, are as fallible as the rest of us.

I shall therefore, in my effort to prove the Bible fallible, quote almost wholly from Christian critics.

With individual operations controlled by fallible men enormous waste is inevitable.

But to assume that human laws are above question, is to claim for their fallible authors infallibility.

The first assumption puts our Savior on the basis of a fallible human teacher, and nothing more.

Most of the figures are therefore carried over from winter to winter in the memories of fallible men.


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