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The prison romance was strengthened with the exchange of furtive signs and body language that both developed through the glass of the door and a window.

The problem is, she’s already spent that money on furtive, ritualistic binge-and-purge sessions whose secrecy she ensures by checking into a local motel.

From Time

I’d been looping a fan edit of every furtive look between Anakin and Padme for four hours straight when the recall notification came through.

It fully embraces the many YA and fantasy tropes that fill its story—furtive and longing glances between friends!

In its place, he and a small team created a wearable wireless video camera that record footage from his point of view—complete with furtive glances and eye blinks.

Pig [growling sotto voce behind his hand, mock-furtive as a Disneyland Foxy Loxy]: Take 35 percent off the top and split!

He fancied himself a Marxist, lived in rooming houses under aliases and was a furtive, nasty man.

Here is real, unmistakable nastiness of a fetid, furtive kind, whispered in corners after a cautious glance over the shoulder.

The handwriting clearly belonged to an unstable, conniving, furtive, shallow creep.

And it is Mark and Scott—not “Chad and Ted”—who partake of cigarettes and “furtive man-on-man action.”

Aristide suddenly bethought him of the furtive masquer of the night before.

Garnache had been all eyes for some furtive sign, some whispered word; but he had surprised neither.

The first evening we went to it, and he, unobserved, made furtive sketches of the most prominent people and the prettiest girls.

Dorothy again caught the furtive glance of the woman's evil eyes, and recoiled from it as if she had trodden upon a snake.

Twice had Le Pontois taken furtive glances at the stranger whose lined brow was so extraordinarily familiar.


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