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adjective as in black-market; unlawful

noun as in black-market production

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In 2013, smugglers in São Paulo were all set to ship a huge cache of fossils out of the Santos Harbor, but before they could, local police swooped in and recovered the contraband.

I once tried to send a bracelet to my friend in a letter, but those items are considered “contraband” and are not allowed out.

These contraband networks — the smuggled molasses that played a role in the American Revolution — also worked as avenues for news.

Ironically, the data indicates that, in many cases, those more likely to be targeted are less likely to have contraband or to have broken laws.

Then came a half-century where the bookstores and theaters had nothing but l’art de la femme, and old-­timers like you swapped drives full of contraband hip-hop and novels with the corners worn off.

Yazbek says no one takes names, and no one checks for weapons or other contraband.

Prison guards in Lima found a contraband mobile phone in his prison cell that he claimed was given to him by the warden.

He was convicted of perjury, served 30 days, and went back to a swashbuckling career in contraband.

A CBP dog sniffs around for contraband like drugs, food, weapons, people.

Of course, as Singer notes, “Smuggling things that are contraband at a prison is not a national security emergency.”

So far as the right or wrong of having contraband whisky was concerned, I don't think any one gave it a second thought.

He accuses the latter of various illegal and crafty acts, among them sending contraband gold and jewels to Mexico.

The progress of the woollen manufactures of Ireland excited even more alarm and indignation than the contraband trade with France.

Ginger-beer could also be procured, and there were suspicions that the bottles so called contained something contraband.

Their merchants, especially in New England, carried on a brisk and extremely profitable contraband trade.


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