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Just as important, it opened up a conversation in the households of countless straight Americans about a subject that would previously have been shrouded behind an unbreakable taboo.

However, menstruation is usually a taboo and embarrassing topic to discuss with friends, coaches, and teammates—so most women are left with few strategies to mitigate the effects of their cycle on their workouts except to grin and bear it.

We could follow their lead and loosen up, liberating ourselves from the opinion that our taboos are anything other than social constraints.

Many people in rural parts of india consider menstruation a dirty process, some think of it as a disease, all of this happens due to lack of awareness and age old taboos.

As Armstrong writes, “It was not a ‘great objective something,’ but had imprecise connotations of obligation and taboo.”

Our culture is becoming more open-minded about previously taboo subjects.

Millions of us are gay, and yet what gay people do in bed remains taboo—almost never discussed—so what is the truth about gay sex?

Everything was on the table, the promos said; no subjects were taboo.

Lingerie—once so scandalous, erotic—was worse than taboo, it was passé.

Taboo survivals act dysgenically within the family under present conditions.

There were no home-books to be signed by governesses: there was no longer any taboo upon the revelation of Christian names.

The savage was afraid to utter the real name of his god, it was taboo.

The cow is taboo to the Hindus, the pig is taboo to the Mohammedans and to the Jews.

Breach of taboo rendered not only the individual lawbreaker but the whole tribe, however innocent, liable to punishment.


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