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The family had already consented to forgo chest compressions if Winston’s heart stopped, but they were not ready to discontinue her care.

Ask a hypertensive oil executive who says climate science should be ignored because there are uncertainties in the data if he is willing to forgo his blood pressure medicine because it has its share of uncertainties and side effects.

Though sponsorship drives a significant portion of most B2B company event revenue, most are forgoing ticket revenue by either deeply discounting their tickets or simply requiring that attendees register.

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At the moment, many brands are still forgoing subway ads and other “underground” ad locations.

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While the launch of tools including Supporting Cast in the past year have made it easier for podcasts to generate consumer revenue, pivoting to paid often requires generating more content or forgoing ad revenue.

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The paper did not propose that women forgo surgery—only that the data suggested a need for more research.

Or might a solution be found that is mutually satisfactory to both sides—even if each side must forgo their maximum desires?

And if he does lose, the political pressure on him to forgo a Syria strike will likely prove overwhelming.

Finally, a dance song dominates the summer but manages to forgo sugary pop confection.

For this reason, Republican politicians seeking to reach black audiences would do well to forgo formal speeches.

It is extremely good of you to forgo any engagement you may have had merely to return this to me with your own hands.

We must forgo the past hopes of man so that we may find something real to hope for.

In short, Herr Kleist would be obliged for at least a fortnight to forgo the pleasures of society.

Pray do not forgo your Intention—nay, your Promise, as I regard it—to sit, and send me the result.

While he may quarrel from morning until night with his fellow, it is a sociable quarrel and neither would willingly forgo it.


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