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noun as in none


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Example Sentences

Atom is riding a new wave of investor enthusiasm best exemplified by Robinhood, the app-based brokerage beloved by millennials that helped pioneer nixing stock trading fees.

From Fortune

When Bush’s Constellation program was nixed, it was still in a very early stage of development, marred by many technical and logistical problems.

Republican state legislators have nixed the state’s old straight-ticket option, after 2018’s Democratic surge led to massive down-ballot wins in urban counties.

The Western States Petroleum Association, the industry trade group representing major companies like Chevron, pressed to nix the spill prohibition altogether and just preserve the longtime practice of containment.

However, these effects were nixed in mice without a particular neuronal cell type—NPY cells—that partially form those phone lines between acupuncture and effect, suggesting that they’re necessary for acupuncture’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Nix a couple of soybean subsidies and we could have avoided war and just bought the damn country.

The Pollock-Krasner Authentication Board continued to nix Red, Black and Silver, until they disbanded in 1996.

But he did nix weekend hours, which still has some folks concerned.

After nearly three hours of abuse, Ogborn was forced by the man on the phone to perform oral sex on Nix.

After that, Nix was permitted by the cop to leave and find someone to replace him.

I wanted the old gent to start me up in it, but he said, 'Nix come arouse.'

It is related that a man, who once saw a nix on the shore of the March busy at his work, threw a rosary upon it.

"Nix for the bungalow," he replied, using a slang word that had become immensely popular.

If this is not so, why then, 'nix cum arous; but if it is so, then could you not make a mark with him for me for U. S. Senator?

"Nix on sitting up to hear the chimes," he confided to the family at breakfast the morning after the Spelling Match.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for nix?

Nix is most commonly used as a verb. Close synonyms of this sense are veto, deny, reject, and refuse. Nix is usually a bit more informal than these.

This sense of nix is used in the context of saying no to or rejecting ideas, plans, suggestions, proposals, etc. When someone is said to have nixed something, it typically means that they have given it a hard no. In other words, when something is nixed, it’s often denied or rejected permanently.

You could also use words like quash or cancel.

Relatedly, nix can be used as a noun meaning a rejection or a refusal. This is kind of like saying that something has gotten the ax. 

Nix can be used as a noun meaning “nothing,” as in zero, zip, zilch, nada, nil, naught.

It can also mean no, but this isn’t commonly used.

Sometimes, nix is used as an interjection of warning, similar to Watch out! or Be careful!

Where does nix come from?

The word nix comes from a variant of the German word nichts, which means “nothing.” The first records of the word in English come from the late 1700s.

How do you use nix in a sentence?

Nix is a pretty informal word that’s often used in casual communication. It’s sometimes used in news headlines as a shorter way of saying reject.

Here are some examples of nix in a sentence:

  • My mom nixed my plans of staying up late to watch a horror movie.
  • The board nixed the policy proposal without even taking any comments on it. 
  • At first, we were going to paint it, but we decided to nix that idea.

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On this page you'll find 62 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to nix, such as: forbidding, no, nothing, refusal, sprite, and veto.

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