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Unfortunately, others are often difficult to decode, clean, validate or even download, sometimes being trapped inside of difficult to parse PDFs, fragmented reports or within antiquated querying search tools that spit out awkward tables.

You have to reform these antiquated environmental policies, and our current administration isn’t a fan of environmental protections.

We’re relying on old, antiquated policies and ideas that we put into place years ago.

Erin Brockovich Is at It AgainHeather HansmanAugust 27, 2020Outside Online

So, high school in particular has lots of antiquated methods that students sit and work out by hand.

The scope focused first on a bulging, monster, antiquated freighter of a design that had not been built for a hundred years.

The Pirates of ErsatzMurray Leinster

The place itself is as antiquated and behindhand as any I have seen in France, which is saying a good deal.

East of ParisMatilda Betham-Edwards

In front, broken only by a line of trees and the squat humps of six antiquated cannons, sparkled the blue expanse of the Pacific.

His Unknown WifeLouis Tracy

The last great teacher by whom these antiquated doctrines were formulated into a system Werner.

The antiquated and non-popular instruction, however, repelled me.

But what shall we say when we find Mr. Gladstone citing the Latin thalamus in support of this antiquated theory?

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.