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At the same time California increased the requirements on how effective the city’s stormwater system needs to be, the city’s system became obsolete, its population grew and the impacts of climate change grew more severe.

The emergence of the variants raised the specter that the current generation of vaccines might be rendered obsolete before they have even been fully rolled out.

When the project first came up, commissioners asked questions about the data and how it would be stored but were generally positive in their comments — one even suggested that the new technology might someday make traffic engineers obsolete.

Fabiola Alvarez Yurcisin, who works with found and often obsolete materials, constructed a cage inside which such terms as “asylum,” “fear” and “wall” are reflected in a mirror.

The US federal minimum wage is becoming increasingly obsolete.

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But their weapons are becomingly increasingly obsolete—and that has some in the U.S. Air Force spooked.

That data (collected in 2012 and 2013) is obsolete: Jesse Logan confirms both areas are “now showing significant mortality.”

The “Computer Rock” tunes, with references to BASIC programming, were almost immediately rendered obsolete.

And fashion editor Lynn Yaeger thinks print magazines are becoming "obsolete."

Yet the fact that innovation is a wonderful, exciting thing is cold comfort to the man who feels he has become obsolete.

Life has few direr disenchanters than the morning smells of obsolete tobacco, relics though they be of hesternal beatitude.

Even in the same scene, time will alter every form, and render the exquisite polish of last year, obsolete rudeness next year.

Faith founded on ancient authority is active still, but promises to become obsolete.

He also revives obsolete words, without any apparent reason.

It is believed that after four years experience of administration in Mesopotamia they would now vote this theory obsolete.


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