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adjective as in earliest

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Which means we might not only find life on Mars but a form of life older and more primordial than any previously observed on Earth.

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Chunks that, individually, are mere specks in the cloud of millions of such primordial planetary leftovers circling our sun.

These conditions were driven by large amounts of internal “primordial heat.”

Researchers have since tested most aspects of the equations by replicating the primordial nuclear reactions in laboratories.

If true, it would be the first window physicists have opened onto those primordial phase transitions.

Sliding around beneath the surface of Los Angeles is something dark, primordial, and without form.

What humans choose to do with this shapeless primordial stuff leaking through the cracks can often be almost comical.

He is rather drawn to figures in pain, to the primordial, and to gloom.

One predicted side effect of inflation is primordial gravitational waves: twisty ripples in the structure of the Universe.

By now a calm had settled over him, a kind of primordial survival instinct, he believes.

His point now became exactly what it used to be in the primordial dog—a pause of preparation before the spring.

Nu was the spirit of the primordial deep, and Nut of the waters above the heavens, the mother of moon and sun and the stars.

First of all Thales thought that water was the primordial substance of all things.

He lifted a pseudopod from primordial ooze, and the pseudopod was him.

Brilliant as are, in certain animal species, the destinies of the male, the female is primordial.


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