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The good news, at least for those who care about outmoded concepts such as truth and solidarity, is that independent Ukraine is not dead yet.

From Time

Seeking beauty in everything, as Thomas did, can feel outmoded.

The spread of cash deserts sparked an uproar in communities from Wales to Scotland, and officials have searched for ways to shore up physical infrastructure that is becoming outmoded but is still vital for many people and businesses.

From Quartz

This outmoded way of thinking is now hurting our nation in its hour of greatest need.

From Fortune

That is, I stopped demanding that every poem yield its concealed meaning, which I suppose is the legacy of outmoded high school English classes.

The assumption that feminism comes in a neat, Xeroxable package is gravely outmoded and vacuous.

My view, as a reactionary, is that the movements are not outmoded.

But the real blow is its outmoded consumer and business travel business, says Daniel Gross.

Stop players from whacking each other with outmoded equipment.

Today, Beijing feels that many of those old systems are outmoded, putting China at a disadvantage.

Are not the piano-pieces of M. Rachmaninoff the result of a relationship to the instrument that is fast becoming outmoded?

The bickering characteristic of industrial dispute vanished; along with it went the outmoded weapon of the tradesunion.

I bought a gentleman's park in Hampshire and had the outmoded house torn down.

As usual, fact has outmoded prophecy, for long before 1936 airplane speeds exceeded the 140 miles per hour Serviss predicted.

"I see what the leadys mean about diplomacy becoming outmoded," Franks said at last.


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