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The pressure of earnings reports and meetings, Zoom or otherwise, leave no room for the sort of expansive wondering that lies at the heart of all genuine breakthroughs.

Convinced that the visitor was Soma, I pulled out my revolver and waited, wondering as I watched what he intended to do.

The White WaterfallJames Francis Dwyer

"Don't you ever get tired of staying in the water," Sparrow would say, wondering.

Verotchka's TalesMamin Siberiak

And you, when you remember to-day, dont let it be a memory only of sadness; but of my gratitude—my wondering gratitude.

Paths of JudgementAnne Douglas Sedgwick

Harrison wove his way through them wondering where the hundreds of such evangelists had come from so suddenly.

The SwordFrank Quattrocchi

She asked him, her eager eyes uplifted to his face, her small hands clasped, wondering and hope bursting into instant full dawn.

I remember I used to torment myself by wondering whether they pulled the arrow out, because in my history it didn't say they did.'

An American Girl in LondonSara Jeannette Duncan

But of course Mappo's folks were, by this time, a long way off in the jungle woods, wondering where Mappo himself was.

"I'm wondering why he came in here, and what he did," continued the other, as he wandered about the place scrutinizing everything.

They were all very happy, but they were wondering what they were going to do without a home, work, or money.


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.