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Once approved, a vaccine is unlikely to be widely available for several months.

From Fortune

In such efforts, Russia is unlikely to encounter resistance from the Belarus security apparatus, which probably views its interests and future tied to maintenance of tight central control.

From Ozy

As Vox’s Umair Irfan reports, it’s still unlikely that a vaccine will be authorized for use by then.

From Vox

America is unlikely to know its presidential winner on election night due to the expected surge in mail-in votes.

From Axios

A survey conducted in late June found that 65% of Americans said they are “very unlikely” to return to theaters immediately after they reopen.

From Fortune

Harris is unlikely to see a challenge from Villaraigosa, either.

At least 29 fellow Republicans must vote against Boehner for a second ballot to be reached, and that seems very unlikely.

Almost forty years later, it seems unlikely this will ever be the case.

We tend to think not, but the rise of King, Kennedy, and Lincoln was unlikely, too.

It was Orlando vs. Justin in an Ibiza melee with two highly unlikely opposing parties.

The magistrate appeared to think such an occurrence not at all unlikely, as he committed him to prison for three months.

The converse seems to me unlikely; however, they are not remarkable for originality.

Marius looks elsewhere for a wife—unless mademoiselle of her own free will should elect to wed him—a thing unlikely.

For your sake, old fellow, I hope she won't succeed, but I have known more unlikely things happen even than this.

Sara Lee might have fought the War Office single-handed and won out, but it is extremely unlikely.


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