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That includes about the same number who say they are truly “undecided” and who say they are “probably” going to vote for one candidate but haven’t made up their minds.

He declined to comment for this article but has told others he is undecided over whether he should speak out more before the election, citing his previous role in the military and his concern about generals speaking out against elected presidents.

In the 1950s, before cookies tracked your online behavior to create detailed logs, campaigns would send canvassers to specific addresses that were home to undecided voters.

Much of the reasoning behind the ban relies on the idea that social media can convince undecided voters.

Even if an undecided person is not swayed by all of these arguments, just one is enough to make them hesitant, he says.

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In an Oct. 31 poll from Washington, 12 percent of women claimed they were undecided about Initiative 502.

But it still has the potential to swing a few races that are still tied with few undecided voters.

Roberts has staked his survival on branding Orman with the label most likely to unsettle undecided Kansans.

The hope is that the jokes will reach those undecided on the issue.

The debate over guns in this country rarely attracts the undecided or anyone comfortable living with shades of gray.

I saw a girl on the store porch, standing by the door a moment as if undecided which way to go.

It isnt due yet, Mr. Chumley, Jess said, undecided whether to get mad or to cry!

But Gwynne deliberately remained undecided for the present, although half inclined to practise in the country for some years.

Sidney was reluctant and Elizabeth undecided, and more than a year and a half slipped by without the change being actually made.

She understood at once, but she waited some time before answering, as though the question were still undecided in her own mind.


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