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The researchers I spoke to brushed them off as inconsequential, but I just couldn’t let go of the doubts.

I think whatever McCarthy does will be viewed as the inconsequential sideshow that it will be.

“By declaring some racially discriminatory burdens inconsequential, and by refusing to subject asserted state interests to serious means-end scrutiny,” she wrote, “the majority enables voting discrimination.”

The problems with this disproportionate treatment are not in any way inconsequential.

The Portable app was fairly inconsequential to my user experience, and I was already pleased with the built-in sound quality, so I didn’t mind the lack of features.

But to Swift, well-versed in Hollywood dating, this is inconsequential.

How permanent virginity feels,” she says, “and then how inconsequential.

You are sending a signal that says any Western response to his actions will be inconsequential.

We are still down to play Costa Rica on Tuesday, but the result is inconsequential.

The nits that Clinton detractors have picked are so inconsequential as to appear downright desperate.

Days had gone by and we lacked the energy to begrudge their inconsequential passing, but now a time of reckoning had come.

"Sometimes," said Stover, with an inconsequential wave of his hand.

It was restoring to talk thus of inconsequential things; Ruth was beginning to feel more herself than she had felt in years.

Maggie stepped to the connecting door, sent Miss Grierson on an inconsequential errand, and returned.

Formerly it washed on either side over a shelving beach, and was but a shallow, inconsequential stream.


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