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spin out

verb as in drag on/drag out

verb as in drag out

verb as in draw out

verb as in elongate

verb as in prolong

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Example Sentences

Partly gravel, the road is so steep at times that the wheels of our Chevy 4x4 spin out beneath us.

But events could soon spin out of control if a ground invasion ensues, boomeranging on Bibi.

He did not want to fight a war with nuclear weapons and he did not want to wage a conventional war that could spin out of control.

I thought we would merely take a spin out a way on the military road to give you a glimpse of the country.

Folks like you always is sure to spin out till everybody's tired to death of 'em.

The former like ants only heap up and use their store, the latter like spiders spin out their own webs.

Each article of the capitulation was discussed, so as to spin out the delay as long as possible.

You can indeed spin out a long Sentence of complicated Thought very easily, and very clearly; a rare thing.


On this page you'll find 347 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to spin out, such as: continue, draw out, endure, extend, go on slowly, and keep going.

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