Definition for perpetuate

verb as in keep going

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I should add that by perpetuating lies that have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and by promoting lies that have undermined democracy, Fox is actively complicit in this.

With the Better Common Names Project, the ESA now prohibits names perpetuating negative stereotypes, and welcomes public input about which names to change next.

By focusing on Google above all else, we perpetuate a cycle that overlooks the value that smaller competitors might be offering and keeps the search behemoth at the top.

By focusing on Google above all else, we perpetuate a cycle that disenfranchises smaller competitors and keeps the search behemoth at the top.

Such treatment brings with it pain and perpetuates intolerance.

And while some sex workers turn to advocacy groups, even rape support organizations sometimes perpetuate stigma.

In Paris, a new generation of entrepreneurs are  launching initiatives to perpetuate the Yiddish way of life.

Unused funds, sitting idle, do nothing to perpetuate the cycle of support that America relies on.

But religion also compels us to fight the unjust, prejudiced systems that cause and perpetuate that misfortune.

But it serves no one to perpetuate the idea that parenting is supposed to be an agonizing and thankless slog.

It is a very laudable spirit on the part of a dying man to wish to—ah—perpetuate these old English names.

I think this is a wicked, wicked war, waged to perpetuate slavery and to destroy the Union.

By perpetrating an act of injustice, which would perpetuate agitation.

What he wanted was to gain time, and perpetuate the war, even though waging an unequal contest.

That the animals selected for breed, should unite in themselves all the good qualities we wish to perpetuate in the offspring.


On this page you'll find 33 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to perpetuate, such as: bolster, maintain, preserve, conserve, continue, and eternalize.

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