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City staff said they don’t see any way around putting restauranteurs through a more intensive process to make their outdoor structures permanent and bring their slapdash structures up to code.

The signs on store windows telling us to keep six feet apart were slapdash and scrawled by hand.

In 1975, sports broadcasting was a more slapdash operation compared to the modern era, when announcer assignments are made weeks, months or — in the case of the Super Bowl network rotation — even years in advance.

While the recipe was fairly easy overall, good for late-night baking, dispersing the sticky, relatively scant batter throughout a bowl full of light popped corn was somewhat difficult — but even my slapdash efforts turned out pretty well.

From Eater

Unlike the slapdash nature of many blockchain projects launched in 2017, Polkadot has attracted elite computer scientists and its investors include funded by prominent venture capital firms, including Polychain Capital.

From Fortune

No matter how constitutionally suspect, how costly, how slapdash, or how disappointing a grand policy might be, well, they tried.

To the uninitiated, it can seem all too random, slapdash, or disorienting.

Because of the speed of its composition, it was a fairly slapdash piece of work.

The risk with collage is that it can seem slapdash or myopic, its meaning opaque to anyone but the artist.

Balzac wrote the stranger a slapdash of a letter, as he was always doing, and forgot the incident.

In such slapdash, inefficient fashion this young man conducted all his personal life.

The craftsman of Irish blood is likely to be a little slapdash in method, and he rarely stands near the top of his trade in skill.

It is too hurried and slapdash, and I may have quite different opinions after we have calmed down a bit.

I didna gae slapdash to them wi' our young bra' bridegroom, to gar them baud up the market.


On this page you'll find 44 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to slapdash, such as: haphazard, clumsy, hasty, heedless, improvident, and irresponsible.

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