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Along the murky bottom of the Amazon River, serpentine fish called electric eels scour the gloom for unwary frogs or other small prey.

Ravenloft was a gothic horror plane that trapped the unwary residents of other worlds, forcing them to reside in lands governed by the wicked Darklords, who were just as much a prisoner as their captives.

During these encounters, bigger, more dominant grizzlies sometimes kill younger bears (and unwary humans).

Some to protect the unwary reader, and some to protect the author.

What if we had abandoned the charade, and revealed ourselves to our unwary allies?

Rather striking is the tendency of old squamous cells to retain the red stain, and fragments of such cells may mislead the unwary.

At the upper part of the runway he had built a few steps, wherewith to lure the unwary far enough down to insure a fatal descent.

You may laugh if you like, but you should remember how ready he is to slip away with the unwary souls of people who laugh at him.

The future is quite enough hampered with the past, without setting anticipatory traps and springes for unwary feet.

But woe to the unwary traveller who trusts himself in this dormitory!


On this page you'll find 38 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to unwary, such as: brash, careless, credulous, hasty, ignorant, and ill-advised.

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