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adjective as in understandable

adjective as in understandable

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A few studies measuring antibodies — key proteins that recognize and bind to germs — suggest that their levels do wane with time.

A few studies measuring antibodies — key immune proteins that recognize and bind to pathogens — suggest that antibody levels do wane over time.

The game’s scenarios, while simplified, recognize real-world problems for these animals.

That finding gives astronomers more confidence that they will be able to recognize potentially habitable exoplanets.

Now researchers have discovered a set of supersensing cells in the taste buds of mice that can detect four of the five flavors that the buds recognize.

But unlike any other director, he was an identifiable public figure, as recognizable as any president or movie star.

Is there a more celebrated--and recognizable— 20th century movie director?

Warren makes one clearly recognizable gesture to the center, and the centrists make one recognizable gesture to the left.

And part of what makes it weird is that he stands alone as a recognizable figure.

He is probably the most recognizable calavera artist in the world.

When she lowered her eyes and looked out again across the sands, the figure had approached so close as to be recognizable.

Some of them were so worn with hunger and fatigue as to be hardly recognizable, and all were utterly discouraged.

I knew that in twenty-four hours there wouldn't be a recognizable body left, and in a week there wouldn't be anything at all.

Some appeared smashed almost out of all recognizable shape, while others were, to all appearances unharmed.

The two were Verinder and Captain Kilmeny, though at that distance they were not recognizable.


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