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I felt I should try to live up to the occasion and present some new ideas, so I raised the question of how the axion field settles down after the Big Bang, and whether it might leave an observable relic.

He lived for 12 years after his diagnosis, and I would guess at least 17 years since his first observable symptoms.

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In quantum mechanics, a particular property of a substance — electrical conductivity, say, or optical transparency or reflectivity — corresponds to the average or “expectation value” of an observable quantity.

According to some calculations, the cosmos might have cooled so quickly that the fabric of space-time became fractured, creating a network of whisper-thin tubes filled by pure energy that stretch across the breadth of the observable universe.

In terms of the quality of the pitches they make — as measured by observable factors such as velocity and movement — southpaws are simply not in the same league as righties.

The observable Universe contains around 100 billion large galaxies and a comparable number of supermassive black holes.

All ISIS logistics and dispositions in the field are observable by drone and satellite.

Theory: a scientifically acceptable principle explaining a set of observable facts.

Global warming is an observable fact, and transportation emissions are the second largest contributor to the problem.

How has this soldier demonstrated recurring actions, patterns, or observable behaviors that might indicate his real beliefs?

And on these faces, there was a certain pettiness and coldness not observable on those of the poorer women.

Algernon spoke with his old bright smile; but two things were observable throughout this interview.

We must reason from laws of nature; from the uniformities which are observable in the fact of likeness or unlikeness.

A groove or depression is commonly observable in the stone, designed to receive the string.

A drift of thought—an elevation of style, is observable in their public speaking which is dropt in private conversation.


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