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He lived for 12 years after his diagnosis, and I would guess at least 17 years since his first observable symptoms.

When Your Father Falls ApartEugene RobinsonDecember 23, 2020Ozy

In quantum mechanics, a particular property of a substance — electrical conductivity, say, or optical transparency or reflectivity — corresponds to the average or “expectation value” of an observable quantity.

According to some calculations, the cosmos might have cooled so quickly that the fabric of space-time became fractured, creating a network of whisper-thin tubes filled by pure energy that stretch across the breadth of the observable universe.

In terms of the quality of the pitches they make — as measured by observable factors such as velocity and movement — southpaws are simply not in the same league as righties.

To a human, out there in the street, the scent was not observable.

Lad: A DogAlbert Payson Terhune

Observable, only, that Hotham and Dubourgay sat silent in the tripudiation; with faces diplomatically grave.

This is observable in his relations as an official, and as a teacher, and in his dealings on matters of religion.

Now it is observable that these three have no personal references, and that the two which part them have.

In order to obtain an observable fact, I would not have hesitated laying myself open to ridicule.

This is observable in the hips and shoulders of a man when he walks; and also in birds in the head and rump.

A Treatise on PaintingLeonardo Da Vinci

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.