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The result is a trenchant commitment to right-wing values that provides the prism through which many Mormons interpret new crises.

It’s a really nuanced and thoughtful book that won a million awards when it came out in 2018, and it’s especially trenchant on the responsibilities forced on to the families of incarcerated people.

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Whitehead and Jenkins are very different kinds of artists, the former a minimalist whose spare prose conceals allegories of remarkable depth and the latter an expressionist, infusing trenchant ideas into sounds and images laden with emotion.

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They argue that this increasingly trenchant China must be resisted, not managed or negotiated with, and Hong Kong is the front line.

From Time

One of the most trenchant chapters in the book is deceptively simple.

Much looking forward to going on with what is apparently also a trenchant and enlightening book.

The more trenchant and subtle criticism was that Republicans aren't bad people.

Typically, the Internet exploded with trenchant commentary about the leather jacket Palin wore.

Moss came to admire Wasserstein and his trenchant deconstruction of his fellow power brokers.

From the Reagan ascension until recently, the most trenchant description of the prevailing vision was “Starve the Beast.”

It is not every one that can handle an instrument of such trenchant power, yet delicate temper, as Nelson's sensitive genius.

It must be admitted that this is satire of a good trenchant sort.

The western demand for responsible government pointed the way, and Howe became, with Baldwin, its most trenchant advocate.

Hence, the transition is abrupt; although by no means conclusive as to any broad and trenchant line of ethnological demarcation.

The words with which the parable is pressed home are severe and trenchant; but they are nevertheless full of gospel grace.


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