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After all, her father was the incumbent President living just down the block, and anything less than a full-throated brava would have been impolite.

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In our society, it’s widely considered impolite to comment on weight gain, but the same doesn’t hold true for weight loss.

After all those pictures of Clayton Kershaw holding the World Series trophy high, all those videos of Los Angeles Dodgers jumping for joy without the weight of past disappointment pressing on their backs, the question feels almost impolite.

Sometimes we beg him to eat faster, but that seems unhealthy, as well as impolite.

Luckily for the South Carolina native, his encounters with the impolite are rare.

Zarif complained that the way I asked my question to him was “impolite.”

Funny, I think jailing journalists and bloggers is “impolite.”

I wish everyone reacted to impolite cell phone usage like Kevin Williamson.

Then again, yet to meet an impolite Canadian in person, so maybe this is just Twitter being Twitter.

"You may be as impolite to me as you wish; I cannot go," he said.

We were kalkilatin' on yer bein' even that impolite: wasn't we, boys?

In the other, a woman takes no inconsiderable share in the arduous but impolite performance—pulling men by the nose.

It is considered impolite to return the vessel before emptying it, and a good Kirghiz is never guilty of this impropriety.

He did not wish to be impolite, so he kept turning his face aside and pretending to cough.


On this page you'll find 70 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to impolite, such as: boorish, disrespectful, rude, bad-mannered, churlish, and crude.

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