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The bad news is that, as more kids come down with Covid, the proportionate number who get hospitalized is going up as well.

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Things that were beautiful were understood to be orderly, in harmony, balanced, proportionate to themselves and generally integrated into a world that was either man-made or served man’s purposes.

However, the board then punted back to Facebook, insisting on a “proportionate response.”

They see a possibility that if they take the rights steps towards data governance, and later towards AI governance and other digital infrastructures, they can have a proportionate place in the global digital economy.

So the industry decided to produce skis that come in shorter lengths and are lighter, softer, and cut differently, to be proportionate to women’s bodies and make for easier turn initiation.

By comparison, a proportionate range in a country the size of the United States is 475,000 to 7,473,000.

The case against Megaupload might not be proportionate, wise, or able to withstand legal scrutiny.

Government spokesman Nasser al-Mana'a insisted the government had no choice but to attack and had used proportionate violence.

But this we certainly know: In six days, Israel lost 800 men, roughly proportionate to American losses in the entire Vietnam War.

But we routinely base character judgments on actions, confidence being proportionate to the length of the track record.

The fundamental equation of the economist, then, is that the value of everything is proportionate to its cost.

Are not these legitimate investments in the common stock of the nation, which should command a proportionate interest?

But as soon as she had made this great advance, virginal instinct suggested a proportionate retreat.

At the start, Mona was in nature proportionate to her size; and when she married she had not loved Crozier as he had loved her.

In the Kentish laws provision is made for widows to receive a proportionate share in their husbands' property.


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