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adjective as in worthy of comparison

adjective as in corresponding, similar

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In some places, the storm had sustained winds of about 160 kilometers per hour, comparable to the wind strength of a Category 3 hurricane.

To call my employees back to the office, a treatment would need to reduce the mortality rate to close to zero, a rate comparable to influenza.

From Fortune

Take the example of a female engineering manager who should actually be a director, because she has experience, team size, and a mandate that are comparable to those of other directors at her company.

From Fortune

In his testimony, Cook contended that Apple’s fees “are comparable or lower than commissions charged by the majority of our competitors.”

From Fortune

This work suggests that when we use pesticides on big animals, we can produce comparable changes.

But there is no comparable official to oversee efforts for freeing civilian hostages.

The income of a software engineering intern at Facebook is comparable, with monthly incomes of over $6,500.

The observable Universe contains around 100 billion large galaxies and a comparable number of supermassive black holes.

We think video can be comparable to the best of the printed media,” Paik said, “and can be just as influential.

In fact, they often bear lower interest rates than comparable non-green bonds, meaning they are a better credit risk.

The view from the sea-side may be somewhat better, but not much—not comparable to that of Genoa from the Mediterranean.

Locating it would have been comparable to stumbling upon a solitary blade of grass, imbedded in ice at the South Pole.

It is even more comparable to the sound produced by exploding gunpowder.

What events for importance are comparable to the occurrences connected with his sojourn on earth?

In having a keel on the ventral surface of the tip, the baculum of Tamias is comparable to that of Spermophilus.


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