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adjective as in equal

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The sandwich eventually found its way to more egalitarian eateries too — neighborhood diners, airport restaurants — making it popular among a broader swath of sandwich lovers.

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For the duration of a back-and-forth fourth quarter, the five-time All-Star ventured outside Miami’s egalitarian offense to exploit favorable matchups that he could sink his teeth into.

There was a change in the institution of marriage to make it egalitarian when it wasn’t egalitarian.

Suppose then that your world fills you, over and over, with conflicting representations of another group, some humane and egalitarian, others monstrous and terrible.

Stylistically, the Jazz are unique, more egalitarian than most teams.

In short, it was intended to be a place to create a more egalitarian society.

Americans pride themselves on an egalitarian society open to all.

This egalitarian impulse was in part driven by people returning from WW II and Korea, many of whom benefited from the GI Bill.

Capitalist, however corrupt; bureaucratic, however inefficient; egalitarian, however much we struggle for status and recognition.

The politics of class war are safely neutered by storylines that feature an egalitarian, uniting notion of decency.

Every one who is a convinced and sincere egalitarian, and who takes the trouble to think, is forced to be a collectivist.

There was a declared intention of an egalitarian redistribution of wealth and assets.

Indeed, there was something in the very crudity of his social compliment that smacked, strangely enough, of that egalitarian soil.

Most work beyond the primary work of agriculture was guarded by the egalitarian vigilance of the Guilds.

Serbs, Bosnians and Croats divided the loot with the loftiest of egalitarian instincts.


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