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Marketers didn’t want to risk brand safety on the opinionated site.

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When the Titans punted on fourth and two in the fourth quarter, analysts Dan Orlovsky and Mina Kimes were aghast in the analytics room, far more opinionated than broadcasters on the main telecast.

She was very loud and opinionated but caring, sweet, thoughtful, loving.

In declining order of frequency, the Halo described Geoffrey’s tone as “sad,” “opinionated,” “stern” and “hesitant.”

He disputes the perception — widely reported at the time — that he fled Fox because of infighting with its opinionated hosts.

The pair came off, for all intents and purposes, as passionately opinionated amateurs on the subject at hand.

What separates the trolls from the exuberant or opinionated is anonymity.

I believe an archetype was born in those years, that of the doughty British woman—proud, opinionated, but with a heart of gold.

Charles is an opinionated, arrogant man, convinced always that he is right.

“Our mom is a big brain—very passionate and opinionated,” says Sarah.

Never become opinionated or dogmatic, for the moment we cease to learn, our usefulness will decline.

She had become therefore somewhat querulous, and self-opinionated in her discussions with her friend.

Father Griffen hardly knew whether to laugh or to be appalled at the opinionated resolve of the chevalier.

"Self-opinionated old mountebank," Harleston thought, as he went down the corridor to Carpenter's office.

Knew him well, the selfish old pig; as conceited, self-opinionated an old fool as ever lived in all England.


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