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adjective as in flavored with sodium chloride

adjective as in spicy, colorful

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The water molecules would be too few and far between for astronauts to use, and the extremely salty soil would poison life as we know it.

The result was at once sweet, spicy, crunchy and salty, and felt more like a main dish than a side.

After a couple of weeks without any added salt, you will notice how salty your food has been.

Their radicalization was right before our eyes, on social media and television, on bar stools and at our Thanksgiving tables, masquerading as politics and salty humor in memes, stickers and T-shirts.

Even though there was a ban on liquor, hundreds of taverns across the city covertly distributed alcohol and served free square, thin, salty bite-size slices of pizza to keep the guests drinking.

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But what about the screams, the salty puddles, and big empty packages of frozen fish lying on the ground outside the fence?

The wind blew dry, salty air from the former seabed far to the south and east.

By the late 1990s the sea level dropped by 16 meters, leaving fishing boats and ships resting on the sandy and salty bottom.

The buttery, nutty, and sweet and salty all work together to form a balance of flavors.

The chicken, fried in impeccably fresh peanut oil, is enveloped in a salty skin that peels away in bacon-rich strips.

We cross over the bridges that span salty channels, oozy and redolent of ocean and sea-weed during the hours of ebb.

In mine and field and factory they had tasted the salty flavor of real things, and they built a school that has this flavor.

And how indispensable are the clear mountain streams to the sea, in pouring fresh water into its salty heart.

All these animals came to it in great numbers, and drank the waters, and ate great wads of the salty mud.

Very salty meats, or those much dried in smoking should be soaked overnight in cold water before boiling.


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