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One note of caution is to be aware of salt, as reduction concentrates the flavors and could cause a once perfectly seasoned dish to turn too saline.

People also got different placebos—some got a benign meningococcal solution and some a saline solution.

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Together, these salts are better known as phosphate-buffered saline, or PBS, a very common ingredient that keeps the pH, or acidity, of the vaccine close to that of a person’s body.

One sausage will be injected with saline, the other with a hefty dose of a live culture of Trichinella, and the challenger chooses which one to eat, while the other eats the remaining sausage.

When the protein mixture is squeezed through a tapered syringe into a saline solution, it results in clean, spinnable fiber that can be degraded at the end of its life by naturally-occurring enzymes.

A nurse at Saline Memorial Hospice, she was leaving work when her ex-boyfriend fatally shot her before turning the gun on himself.

Discouting the gross factor of swimming in that saline cesspool, there are some awesome images.

About half of what remains is made up of agricultural runoff, redirected saline water and raw sewage.

It features activist Melissa Ohden, who says she was born after a botched saline abortion in 1977.

I had saline mixed with Lidocaine pumped into my face to constrict my blood vessels and numb me so I could endure the zapping.

The saline baths do me a great deal of good, and, apart from them, the way of living is excellent.

The water of most of these is potable, but a few are a little saline, though not to such an extent as to influence vegetation.

The water drunk was measured, its saline and earthy constituents having been previously ascertained.

La Charrette is the last settlement we saw on the Missouri, although there is one above, at a saline on the west side.

Are not such lakes saline, even though the source of supply is comparatively fresh?


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