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They have the largest brain to body mass ratio of known invertebrates, and have incredibly complex nervous systems.
Because of that close resemblance to invertebrates, lampreys have long been treated as a model for the earliest vertebrates--not exactly our ancestors, but dopplegangers.
While there’s no doubt that such charismatic megafauna suffered enormously, the greatest toll is likely to have been in other groups of species, such as invertebrates and plants, which often escape the public’s attention.
Despite their many legs, these invertebrates are typically slow moving, live in litter under logs or rocks and are very vulnerable to fire.
Though those figures are astounding, the impacts on lesser-studied groups such as invertebrates and plants may have been even greater.
If ancient bobbit worms did terrorize the seafloor back then, their burrows are a rare example of invertebrates hunting vertebrates.
The worms that lived in these ancient tunnels were invertebrates.
Because the worms that lived in these ancient tunnels were invertebrates, they didn’t have skeletons to leave behind in the fossil record.
“It is almost always a challenge to link fossil traces to specific trace makers,” says David Rudkin, an invertebrate paleontologist at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, who was not involved with this study.
The invertebrate fauna of the British deposits is, as might be expected, very poor until the beds of the Rhtic series are reached.


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