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noun as in person who expects bad outcome

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“Some of us are optimists, some of us are pessimists, and some of us are in the middle,” Swaffer says.

It takes several episodes for sitcom writers to nail the chemistry in an ensemble cast, and I want more for Jesse than acting as the pessimist to Zoey’s optimist.

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There is tremendous inequality, polarization, populism, and I am not one of the pessimists about America.

Those who identify as optimists can be too quick to dismiss or downplay the problems of technology, while self-styled technology pessimists or progress skeptics can be too reluctant to believe in solutions.

We should be fundamentally neither optimists nor pessimists, but solutionists.

One such pessimist was the Mayor* of the town: A little while later, yielding to his vapors, he committed suicide.

Like Sendak, Miyazaki is somewhat cranky—a pessimist at odds with modernity.

Pessimist: Which is a big reason why young people find it so difficult to get started in life.

Pessimist: But most of the new jobs being created pay much less than the jobs lost in 2008-2009.

Pessimist: I thought you said you were an optimist - not a fantasist.

If a fervent desire to help Man, instead of wasting time in prayer to "God," is pessimism, I am a pessimist.

I ain't what they call a pessimist, but I thinks poorly of most things.

Clemens was forty-eight, and becoming more and more the philosopher; also, in logic at least, a good deal of a pessimist.

He was no pessimist, croaking out doleful prophecies and lamentations and bitter criticisms.

When the Semitic skin of Job is scratched, we find a modern pessimist beneath.


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