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They may not see “absurd value” in absolutely everything, but they do see plenty of misfits that have what it takes to go on the next to the moon.

From Fortune

The band of misfits, dubbed TOI-178, challenges planetary scientists to refine their theories of how solar systems settle down.

In honor of the show being introduced to a new generation of viewers, The Washington Post chatted with the cast and creators of “Freaks and Geeks” about their beloved misfit drama.

The clock is ticking on all those misfit empty-box SPACs, and yet the money continues to flow into the creation of new ones.

From Fortune

But, those middle years, when I was young, my dad was a bit a misfit, if you will.

From Ozy

Pitchfork called him a “a rap-obsessed misfit from a summer camp who freestyles poorly” who is “ridiculous without knowing it.”

A misfit according to his mother, he reportedly told a friend the devil was after him.

Still, “They were my island of misfit toys,” she says, adrift.

“I was always the misfit jock who was with people painting on walls,” he says.

The Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, and Misfit Shine are its closest competitors.

Every winter he has a bunch of misfit dogs, and out of the outfit he'll get some smart ones that will train well.

That evening after dinner, without a word of explanation to her husband, Nannie walked off to the house of her cousin, Mr. Misfit.

The coat was a ludicrous misfit; it would not meet over the bulging belly; its tails dragged on the fat man's heels.

Travel through the South and you will be struck with the general misfit and dilapidated appearance of things.

He took art as a business man takes business, and he had no time for the misfit, the fool, or the failure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for misfit?

A misfit is someone or something that doesn’t fit in or belong.

A person who’s considered a misfit is usually someone who’s different from everyone else, often in a specific situation, but sometimes in general.

Some synonyms for misfit, such as oddball and weirdo, can imply that not fitting in is a bad thing. The word freak is even more negative. However, all of these words can also be used in an affectionate way, and some people even apply them to themselves as a way to take pride in being different. A term that’s usually positive is individualist. (See the next section on whether misfit is a negative word.)

Calling someone a misfit can imply that they are an eccentric, but in a group of eccentrics, the “normal” one would be the misfit.

The word outsider implies that a person does not belong because they are from “outside” the group in some way. The term odd man out can mean the same thing (despite its use of man, it’s often used regardless of gender).

​​The word misfit can also be applied to things. A more neutral synonym sometimes used in the context of things that don’t fit in is outlier.

Misfit is sometimes specifically used to refer to a piece of clothing that’s ill-fitting—one that doesn’t fit.

Is misfit a negative word?

Misfit is most commonly used in a negative way—calling someone a misfit highlights the ways they’re different from others, often as if it’s a bad thing. Still, like some of its synonyms, misfit can be used positively as a way of saying that being different is a good thing. For example, people might refer to themselves as misfits to highlight their individuality, or you might refer to your group of friends as a band of misfits as a way of celebrating how different and interesting you all are.

Applying the word misfit to yourself or others can also be positive when everyone else around is the same in a way that’s considered bad. In other words, being a misfit is a good thing when “fitting in” means not being a good person.

On this page you'll find 26 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to misfit, such as: bohemian, dissenter, dropout, eccentric, freak, and oddball.

From Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.