Definition for beast

noun as in large wild animal

Strongest matches

animal, creature, wild animal

Weak matches

beastie, lower animal

noun as in coarse, crude, or cruel person

Strongest matches

brute, cad, ogre, ogress

Strong matches

barbarian, cur, fiend, swine

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Example Sentences

By the time it lined up opposite Kansas City again, it had become about as much of a beast as modern times will let a defense become.

Over the last century, we’ve detected cosmic beasts that defy the imagination.

A recently described fossil of the ocean-dwelling beast reveals that its bite was unlike that of any of its relatives, in the water or onshore.

Occasionally you come across a terrifying, gargoyle-like beast who can turn invisible at a moment’s notice, and I gripped the controller tight when he was hot on my trail.

Tesla and GameStop are very different beasts, but if anything I think institutions have a better grasp of GameStop’s rise.

Despite the strong language, however, the neither the JPO nor Lockheed could dispute a single fact in either Daily Beast report.

“We talked about the science the whole time the other day,” Krauss told The Daily Beast in a phone interview.

As part of that effort, Said received weapons training for months, sources told The Daily Beast.

“We quietly did,” Reed previously told The Daily Beast of removing ISIS.

That is why The Daily Beast stands with Charlie Hebdo and published their controversial covers in the wake of the attack.

Such things happen to all flesh, from man even to beast, and upon sinners are sevenfold more.

It was a very dangerous one, too, and sometimes lives were sacrificed in his efforts to capture or to kill this fierce wild beast.

This harmless image of a fierce beast Yung Pak would pull about the floor with a string by the hour.

Zoological gardens and “wild beast shows” had for him attractions which were quite irresistible.

"Looks like some wild beast had attacked him," muttered the old man, in awed tones, as he bent over the lifeless body.


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