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noun as in evil demon

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Alma grows frantic when she spots three of the pointy-toothed ghouls outside her window.

Sometimes it feels as if jump-scare-loving ghouls have settled into my sock drawer and under my desk, and I have no way of knowing when they’ll choose to pop out.

The king and queen are the highest-ranking of the “alpha” class of zombies—a smarter, more organized, more nightmarish strain than your average ghoul—and one of the movie’s most striking innovations.

The month comes to a close with Halloween, a spooky, scary time when the nation is haunted by a relentless onslaught of political attack ads in which basically every candidate for public office is depicted as a hideous, bloodsucking ghoul.

All Hallows’ Eve — where any guy, ghoul, or being from the Necronomicon can escape the spooky zone — is the source of my freaky Friday experiment I wish to share with you all.

King Joffrey Baratheon ingesting poison and transforming into a bloodied ghoul during the Purple Wedding.

The ghoul that keeps Putin awake at night is a Ukrainian Cossack.

In Arabic legend, a ghoul is a creature that eats both stolen corpses and children.

He may have meant no more than Emerson, who pictured ill health as a ghoul preying on the heart and life of its victims.

The moonlight made Smith's sallow, disfigured face so much more ghastly than usual, that he had the air of a ghoul or vampyre.

Standing straight, protect us by thy splendor from evil; burn down every ghoul.

Of both portions Jennet and Ellen partook, and would have had Grace join them in the ghoul-like repast, but she refused.

It will cause a woman to fall in love with a ghoul, not to speak of one so tall and handsome as Raymond Lulli.


On this page you'll find 9 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to ghoul, such as: bogeyman, devil, fiend, monster, evil spirit, and grave robber.

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