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Nine different Western Roman emperors had risen and fallen since 455 and most of them had been overthrown by barbarian commanders like Odoacer.

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In four cases, the barbarian generals toppled one emperor and delayed appointing another.

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In September of 476 AD, the barbarian commander Odoacer forced the teenaged Western Roman emperor Romulus Augustus to resign his office.

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It casts one’s opponent as an outsider, perhaps a barbarian, who must be scorned and defied, even if that results, as it did for Leonidas, in self-destruction.

Yet it won’t do to merely split a bunch of logs and leave them in a state of splintered entropy like some barbarian.

I wrote my first book listening to the soundtrack to the movie Conan the Barbarian on a loop.

Instead of thinking of a sharp distinction between "Roman" and "barbarian," we should think in terms of economic zones.

What can explain Morris's insistence in continuing to describe whole cultures and societies as "barbarian"?

Lastly, Levy objects to my occasional use, in the past, of the word "barbarian".

Morris has said that “the Arab world as it is today is barbarian.”

Christendom looked astounded upon the spectacle of a barbarian invasion bursting forth from the cellars and garrets of Paris.

The words, taken in a new acceptation, reveal the charming maladroitness of a northern barbarian kneeling before a Roman beauty.

But in each case the barbarian was not very far below the surface—any more than he is in an Englishman sometimes.

He turned angrily on the "barbarian" schools, that would sweep away the past, and create Humanity anew on some arbitrary plan.

Philip has been deemed a mere barbarian, whose victory was certain to be, and was, the death of Grecian liberty.


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