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noun as in person who defiles property

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Example Sentences

By removing vandals’ scratches and spray paint, he restores the natural, chaotic surface of the rock.

Later, one vandal splashed the statue with pink paint, while a second took up the task by spray painting the word “Monster” on the rearing horse’s flank.

Calvin Woehrie told WUSA the vandals used a blade to slash the Pride flag that was hanging from his house.

The Loudoun County’s Sheriff’s Office said the vandals damaged five Pride flags from three homes and they stole two more.

Yes, it has its problems—generations of philosophers would scoff at the notion that any single article could possibly represent the entire “truth” of a thing, and it endures constant attacks from vandals attempting to change the historical record.

From Time

Last month, an apparent pro-life vandal destroyed the abortion clinic in Kalispell, Montana.

Mayor Bloomberg agreed that the “vandal” must be caught and charged with vandalism.

A dangerous vandal threatening the city back into a 1980s-style decline?

Mr. Assange is a dangerous vandal masquerading as a moral crusader.

Congratulations," reads in its welcoming headline, "You're about to become an Internet vandal.

The neighbors coming in to see the strange discovery, tore one of the pieces to atoms, in the true Hun and Vandal style.

Signor Vandal, wat, do yo go to de wensh in dit little basket.

A little farder, Signer Vandal, and den may put you head into de window, and cash de wensh.

Nearly all our public buildings were hit, and the places of worship were again a mark for the vandal.

Its pages had been separated by some vandal who probably wanted to sell two autographs instead of one.


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