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verb as in put in, introduce

verb as in introduce into bloodstream by use of a needle

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So far the researchers have only studied the proteins’ behavior in vitro, so it’s unclear how the body’s immune system would respond to them if they were injected into a human.

Afterwards, they injected a powerful toxin called LPS, a life-threatening chemical that triggers vast immune reactions in the mice.

Without exercising a day, aged mice injected with the plasma from the runners performed better in memory tests—similar to a human in his or her late 30s or early 40s.

Considering this measure would inject over $900 million into the housing industry, it is appropriate to have strong oversight in place to ensure tax dollars are spent effectively as we work to bring units online to meet our affordable housing needs.

When injected into the body, human cells will make copies of that protein.

It would inject a threat of accountability into power, and upend the impunity wartime leaders had operated under for years.

Only she can make hetersoexuality sound like a life-saving elixir that I need to inject directly into my veins.

To raise oil from the depths, rigs often inject water at high-pressure into the wells.

“Think of it like a cigarette break,” he says of the times he stops to inject.

Her aspirations were noble: Inject high art into pop music and create a Koons-esque kaleidoscope of dance tracks.

In an era of sentimental and romantic writing, she dared to inject severe realism.

Make injections of a decoction of origane mugwort, dog's mercury, betony, and eggs; inject into the womb with a female syringe.

Which is why I prefer to inject a little randomness into my attacks on gait-recognition: I put a handful of gravel into each shoe.

A week to ten days later inject a similar minimal lethal dose into the peritoneal cavity.

Now release the grasp of the left hand and slowly inject the fluid contained in the syringe.


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