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These employees play Pymetrics’s games to generate training data.

Bureaucratic roadblocks kept it from ever starting the study, let alone generating new policy ideas from what it found.

When the pouch is taken out of its airtight seal and exposed to oxygen, the iron powder causes an exothermic reaction, generating heat.

Many brands try to increase the number of search ad impressions they receive as a method of generating demand and awareness for a brand and its services.

Then, when you enter an airplane or a concert or a restaurant, it generates a QR code for the business to scan.

For the Brogpas, transforming into a tourist attraction may offer their community a way to generate much-needed income.

The money that drugs generate is their way to achieve the American Dream in a sort of twisted Scarface-type of fashion.

The whole purpose of the gang is to generate money for its incarcerated leaders.

But trying to generate buzz for her single through appropriating Nazi propaganda imagery is not one of them.

“I knew it was going to get at least 250,000 views and that that would generate me $18 of ad income [on YouTube],” says Conte.

The keynote is the oath which, in all ages and in all languages, passion seems to generate with but very little assistance.

Haste had driven the blood to her face, and the cool spring air seemed to generate in her the heat of summer.

There are many things which generate belief besides evidence.

Just what kind of turns with what around what did you make to generate a psi force?

A spirit possessed of any conscious individuality whatever must generate a certain interior force to maintain it.


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